3 Great Reasons to Install Solar Shades

Warm weather is almost here. As summer begins to set in, the intense heat from the sun could be making your house a little stuffy and uncomfortable. Before you crank up the AC (and your energy bills), you should have the experts at Peterson Canvas & Awnings install solar shades. Here are some reasons why you should consider it:

Energy bill reduction 

If your house is in the path of direct sunlight, it can make the temperatures inside your home feel stifling. Installing solar blinds can block out any unwanted sunshine, decrease the temperature inside your home, and help bring down your energy bills. 

See your yard

Other types of window treatments can greatly reduce your outside visibility. Solar shades come in various opacities, which means you can see your backyard, even when the shades are down. A higher opacity will block the most sunlight. A lower opacity will let the most through.

Sun protection

Objects and fabrics that sit in front of a window can fade over time. Installing solar shades can also help to protect your valuables from any sun damage. These shades minimize the incoming UV rays so that your home décor stays looking fresh. 

Our experienced team at Peterson Canvas & Awnings can help you find and install the perfect solar shades for your home. Don’t hesitate and contact us today!

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