Colors You Should Use For Your Business Awnings

Commercial awnings may help you save money on your power bill while also improving the look of your property. Are you looking for a firm that can create custom commercial awnings? If that’s the case, keep reading to learn how to pick the best colors for your new awnings based on your business.


Red stands out, which makes it perfect for enterprises that want to be noticed. This high-energy hue can arouse excitement, action, and passion in businesses such as food services.


The color yellow is often associated with business due to its playfulness, pleasure, and optimism. Although too much yellow can be stressful, the right amount can help people think logically and improve mental clarity. Yellow is also a very visible color that’s perfect for children’s items and businesses related to recreation.


Black is often seen as a color for business and professionalism, but it’s important to think about the meaning it might communicate. Black can be confident and respectful, seeming competent, but may also give off other vibes like control or scariness. For businesses that want to promote luxury and high-end products/services though, black may fit perfectly.


Blue is a hue that conveys honesty, trustworthiness, and dependability. It can also bring to mind feelings of security and peace. Blue is not a good color for any food-related company since it reduces hunger and pulse. Employing blue boldly in your business may convey trust and reliability.


Green is a color that often has calming properties, making those who see it feel positive and relaxed. Additionally, because green is associated with nature, it’s frequently used by supermarkets and stores specializing in healthy foods. If your company promotes health or sustainability, then using green would be an excellent choice.

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Top 3 Benefits of Restaurant Awnings

A commercial awning may be used in any type of restaurant, regardless of size or location. Awnings are an attractive method to advertise a business while also providing shade and possibly lowering energy costs. Here’s how adding an awning to your restaurant may benefit you:

Help bring in revenue

Awnings are a must-have for any restaurant! You can use custom awning designs to advertise your restaurant in a number of ways to attract more clients. Your business name, cuisine, and regular offers can all be shown on your storefront awning, which will encourage people to visit.

Keep your patrons happy and comfortable

When you have outside seats or ones adjacent to a window, you must make sure that your patrons are comfortable. Your clients may enjoy a warm summer breeze without the heat of the sun on their heads with an awning installation. A waterproof awning can also provide your patrons with the option to continue dining outside in case of rain.

Protect your restaurant

Awnings may help your restaurant stay cool while also protecting its outside dining areas from UV damage. If you create a shaded zone away from the doors, windows, and walls of your restaurant, it will stay much cooler inside. This will also save you a lot of money on utility bills!

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Can Snow Make My Awning Collapse?

If your home or business gets a lot of snowfall in the winter month, it’s important to pay attention to your awnings. With a large amount of snowfall, your awning might collapse under the weight of the snow. But don’t worry, you can minimize the danger by purchasing the right type of awning by following these tips:

Frame engineering

You should never just focus on the fabric when looking to purchase a new awning. Always focus on the frame too! The structure is very important since it’s what the awning snow load will primarily depend on. Manufacturers will also be able to give you an estimate on snow load, which you can compare to the type of snowfall you receive in your area.

Fabric choice

Your safety depends on the choice of fabric, especially when it comes to a leaking awning. Woven fabrics tend to absorb water and snow and often let it leak through. However other fabrics are designed to be waterproof. When fabrics absorb water from the snow instead of repelling it, they become compromised.

Pitch matters

You should also pay attention to the pitch of your awning. Flat awnings will have significantly more snow buildup than an awning that has a smaller angle. On the other hand however, a high-pitch awning will basically let the snow slide right off to the ground.

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4 Retractable Awning Styles You Should Know

Adding a retractable awning to your home or business can transform your outdoor space, but there are so many styles to choose from you might not know where to start. Before you decide on one type, here are the different styles of retractable awnings you should know. 

Lateral arm awnings

Retractable awnings with a lateral arm are a great choice for those who don’t want to compromise on their building’s look but still want to enjoy the shade. The lateral arm mounts to the wall and creates a shade structure that integrates with your architecture. 


These types of shade structures have a strong cable system where shade panels can extend or retract in either direction. Slide-on-wire awnings are perfect for when you want shade on sunny days but still want an unobstructed view of the sky on other days.


Slide-on-track awnings are similar to slide-on-wire canopies, in that canvas panels slide open and closed, and fold into pleats when retracted. These structures use an aluminum track to provide shelter from rainfall and sunshine. 

Tension shades

These types of shades are usually used over skylights, porches, and open-air patios. Tension shades offer shade from overhead sun thanks to their fully tensioned membrane fabric panels.

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Choosing the Right Awning Fabric for Your Business

Awnings can be the perfect addition for your business to showcase your name and logo and keep your customers comfortable. It’s important to select an awning material that has both durability and style. Here are some things to look out for when picking out an awning material.

Shade factors

Providing shade to your windows and outdoor spaces is one of the main functions of awnings. So when you’re choosing a canvas awning material, you’ll want to pick out a product that has a high shade factor. A higher shade factor means more sunlight will be blocked out.

Weather resistance

When you’re deciding on the right fabric for your awning, you should make sure that your awning can withstand wind, rain, snow, and other extreme weather conditions. Another benefit of a weather resistant awning material is that it’s usually protected from mold and mildew.

Colors and patterns

Along with providing your business and commercial property some shade, your awning should also mirror it’s style. Awning fabric comes in a wide variety of hues and patterns, so you can create a look that matches your design scheme.

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Why You Should Invest in Commercial Awnings

Are you looking for something to make your business stand out from the rest? First impressions are important and a commercial awning gives your business the opportunity to make a good one. But that’s not the only benefit you’ll see with an awning from Peterson Canvas & Awnings. Here’s what you can expect:

A unique impression

With a wide range of options to choose from, a commercial awning can take your business to the next level and attract new customers. You can display your logo, signage, or any other related graphics related to stand out on the street. 

Create outdoor space

A commercial awning is also a great option for outdoor cafes and restaurants. It can offer your business a unique look and bring in customers looking for dining al fresco. You’ll be able to provide patron seating and tables without letting the weather negatively impact your business.

Save on energy bills

If you install a commercial awning, it could also help save some money on your next energy bill. Installing awnings will provide some shade for your customers, but it will also prevent the overhead sun from reaching your building. It can make the area much cooler so you won’t use the AC as much.

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