Best Uses for Awnings

Many homes and businesses in the Fort Collins area consider awnings an essential type of outdoor shading system. Awnings are versatile and available in a variety of styles and colors that will enhance the appeal of any property. There are many other benefits and uses for awnings:

Cut Heating and Cooling Costs

Significantly reducing heating and cooling costs can be achieved for your home or business through the use of awnings. Awnings are a great option for warmer months and in the Summer, because they reduce heat gain by 77 percent. Awnings also are great for preventing the sun’s rays from hitting doors and windows.  This outdoor shading system also helps air conditioners run more efficiently, saving your money on your utility bill.

Protect Furniture

If you have expensive furniture and decorations in your home, you want to do everything you can to protect them from any sun damage.  Awnings are a vital solution to prevent UV ray damage or fading to furniture, flooring, and curtains.

Increase Curb Appeal

Awnings are an affordable way to add curb appeal to any home or business. We offer a variety of styles and colors of awnings from the industry’s top manufacturers that can complement any architecture or homeowner’s taste. Awnings also help attract customers to your business.

Enhance Outdoor Living Areas

Patios and decks look great with awnings. Not only do they add style to your outdoor living area, but they are also functional. Awnings allow you and the family to enjoy time spent outdoors, providing shade on sunny days. Awnings can also significantly reduce the outdoor temperature during warm summer months. On rainy days, homeowners can also take refuge under their awnings and stay dry.

At Peterson Canvas & Awning, we carry a large variety of residential retractable awnings, commercial awnings and sail shades. Our team of professionals can help you decide on what product is right for your property. Contact us today at (970) 493-4033.

Residential Door Awning: Are They Right for Me?

Residential door awnings, you often see them on the entryways of businesses and apartment complexes, and it’s pretty likely you’ve started to see them pop-up outside of residential houses as well. Not only are residential door awnings an attractive to any home, they also have tons of added features you might not know about. Here are some awesome benefits of residential door awnings that can help you determine if they’re right for you: 

Awnings Save You Money

One of the main reasons that business owners invest in a door awning system for their house is because they help cool a building down. You can utilize the same benefit at home by installing a residential door awning for your home. A residential awning, especially when placed on top of the front facing door, can greatly reduce the temperature of your home by blocking UV rays.

Awnings Protect You From the Elements

If you’ve ever fumbled for your keys in the rain, then you can easily see how beneficial a residential door awning can be. Residential door awnings are a great way to protect you and your family from any kind of precipitation when entering your home. 

Added Value

Not only are residential door awnings a great value in the sense that they greatly lower the temperature of your home, they are a great investment overall to the value of your home. A durable-high quality residential door awning from Peterson Canvas is built to last and add value to your home.

Looking for residential door awnings in Colorado? Since 1957, Peterson Canvas & Awning has been dedicated to providing our customers with attractive and practical mounted shading systems for home and commercial use. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today or give us a call at 970-493-4033.

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