The ground is thawing after winter’s usual antics. We’ll be spending good, long hours outside in the sunshine before long. Your friends at Peterson Canvas welcome that as much as anyone, and we want to remind you that the time is nearly here.

The time for what? The time to turn your deck into an outdoor living space. Call it an outdoor den or a retreat if you like, but we think of it as a way to expand your home. And what makes your deck into that extra living space? An awning from Peterson.

We’ve been doing this work in the Fort Collins area since 1957 and we’re darn good at it. But that’s not why we think you should have an awning. It’s why we think you should have an awning from Peterson.

What will an awning do for your property?

  • Provide instant shade. An awning can cut the temperature on your deck by up to 20 degrees. And it helps with climate control not only outdoors, but indoors, as the awning shades any windows that are under it. This will help you save on energy bills as well.
  • Keep rain off your deck, which means you and your furniture stay dry and the space can be used during inclement weather.
  • Beautify your property.

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