Are you looking for an outdoor living structure that will let you enjoy your backyard this summer? Installing a pergola might be a great option for you to consider. There are many benefits a pergola can offer besides giving your yard some character. Here are the top five reasons to install one today:

Add shade

Pergolas are a great way to get out of the intense overhead sun during the summer months. While traditional pergolas have open slats across the top, you can also find motorized pergolas for maximum sun protection.  

Increase privacy 

You can also add a touch of privacy by installing a pergola. With a covered roof-like structure, you’ll be safer from prying eyes than you would be with an open deck. Plus you can add extra drapes or screens around the sides for extra privacy.

Outdoor parties

Pergolas are also a shady spot, perfect for entertaining guests. Combine it with some outdoor furniture or a dining area and it can become the next hangout spot for your friends and family, day or night.

Add curb appeal

A pergola is an excellent investment for your home, whether you’re looking to sell your home or not.  Pergolas and other outdoor structures have become a popular option in recent years and can be installed on a variety of budgets.

Expand your landscaping

Pergolas give you the chance to extend your garden area with flowering ivy and other climbing plants! You could also try some vertical gardening if you have a green thumb and need a little extra growing space. 

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