Peterson Canvas Awnings are a fantastic addition to any residential or commercial space. Whether it cozies up your back porch or your outside seating, keeping your awning pristine is a task that requires a lot of care. Here are some recommended treatment methods and tips to consider to keep your awning fresh.


Look for Mildew

Mildew is the primary killer of fabric awnings. It can appear quickly and without consistent inspection can cause serious damage to your awning. You should inspect your awning for mildew buildup once a month, twice a month if you live in a humid climate and during the colder months. If your awning has cleaning directions from the manufacturer, follow them! Otherwise, use a low strength liquid soap and lukewarm water. Soak the top of the awning from the lowest end to highest, letting the soap work the dirt out slowly. Then, rinse the awning from the highest end to the lowest.


Consider storing inside

Some may find their awnings useful in the winter, especially in rainy climates. However, a buildup of cold water and snow combined with harsh winds can rapidly age and damage awnings, especially if they see regular usage. Consider storing your awning in a garage or otherwise protected area.


Repair tears immediately

If you notice a tear in your awning when inspecting it, DO NOT USE IT. Even a small tear can rapidly grow in harsh weather conditions, eventually ruining the awning entirely. Make sure to stow the awning immediately and call Peterson Canvas and Awning for repairs.


Watch the forecast

Keeping an eye on the forecast is a great way to ensure the long-term health of your awning. Consider staying inside and keeping your awning closed on windy days to lower the odds of stray debris costing you big time. If you tend to leave your awning open (or it is not retractable), make sure to get it out of harm’s way before any major snowfall might jeopardize its health. 

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