If you’re a new homeowner or simply want to update the look of your backyard, investing in the right kind of awning is a great place to start. With so many designs and builds you can pick from, it might get tricky when trying to figure out which kind of awning works best. Here are some things to consider when choosing a stationary or retractable awning:

Retractable awnings

These types of awnings use a roller system to bring the awning back into a folded position when not in use. This kind of design is great during storms because when rolled up, the retractable awning won’t get damaged from any harsh winds, hail, or rain. Retractable awnings are also relatively easy to instal, they have a lower initial cost, and are good at protecting decks from the elements.

In terms of maintenance, water can pool in some areas on the fabric, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. Retractable awnings are the more expensive option too, so it’s vital you invest in the right one. If you get a motorized version, a replacement electric sensor can also add to your expenses.

Stationary awnings

Unlike retractable awnings, stationary awnings are free-standing. And since they need to stay standing in bad weather, they are usually constructed well and are sturdy. You normally find these types of awnings with steel frames, but they can also be customized. Stationary awnings are a great option if you need some shade by the pool or to shield a patio.

Even though stationary awnings are easy to install, the constant exposure to rain or snow can cause the awning frame to rust and weaken. A strong enough wind might even knock it over if it’s not properly tied down. The awning fabric can also fade over time from the overhead sun. Likewise, a custom built stationary awning may be a little more expensive than the alternatives.

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