Getting ready for a party? You may have bought all the supplies, cleaned the yard, and tidied the house. On the back patio, you look up and realize that you’ve never cleaned your awning! Maybe it never even crossed your mind. Now, though, you notice a touch of fungus or mildew. Gross – there are even some bird droppings. How would you even go about cleaning that thing, though?

To make matters worse, leaving your awning covered in grime can weaken the awning’s integrity, leading it to fade or even disintegrate. No need to panic, though – it’s simple to clean an awning. The experts at Peterson Canvas & Awning have put together an easy-to-follow guide below! Your awning will be squeaky-clean and ready for the party in no time.

  1. Fill a bucket with cool water. Mix in about three ounces of gentle laundry soap (avoid detergents) for every gallon of water. Then, stir or shake the bucket until the mixture foams.
  2. Find and set up a ladder. Make sure the ladder is set at an appropriate height and that you follow all the safety precautions.
  3. Clear debris with a broom. You’ll likely see leaves, cobwebs, and other detritus on the underside of the awning. A broom should easily brush these off.
  4. Wet down the awning. With a garden hose, soak as much as the awning as you can reach. You’ll want your bucket of cleaning solution close at hand.
  5. Saturate a stiff brush with the soapy water and scrub. A circular motion will work best. Just make sure that you don’t spread yourself too thin – you don’t want the soap to dry.
  6. Rinse everything off with the hose. Then, you’re finished! Simply let the awning air-dry.


Now, your awning is guest-ready. For any canvas or awning related questions, or to learn more about Peterson Canvas & Awning, call us at 970.493.4033 or contact us online today!

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