If you are looking to spend time outdoors with family under a retractable awning, this is the perfect time! During nice, warm and sunny weather many homeowners choose to sit under an awning or shade to enjoy their outdoor living areas. Yet, after many months of not using it, you may come across some problems when trying to take it out. Here are some common awning installation issues and solutions.


Issue: The awning makes a knocking or cracking noise when extending or retracting

Solution: The awning brackets have not been tightened completely. Be sure the square torsion bar is completely seated in the back of the mounting bracket and tighten the mounting bolt until the locking lip on the inside of the mounting bracket is drawn down over the torsion bar.


Issue: The fabric sags and is not tight

Solution: The arms are locked out (over extended), causing the fabric to sag. Reverse cranking direction and retract the awning in until the fabric is taut. Important: The fabric should always rollover the top of the roller tube, not from underneath.


Issue: The motorized awning stopped working while you were rolling in and out

Solution: Your awning motor has a built-in thermal override to prevent overheating. Prolonged use, in and out several times in a row can cause the motor to temporarily shut down. Let the motor cool down for 10 to 15 minutes and try the remote again. The unit should begin to operate again.


There are also some things to be aware of to ensure the beauty and strength of your awning.


DO NOT leave the awning extended when you are not home. Strong winds may damage your awning and this is typically not covered by the warranty.


DO NOT hang plants or small children off the front bar for the safety of your family members and the safety of your awning. Hanging heavy items may cause the awning to collapse and break.


DO retract the unit when not in use or if severe weather is predicted.


DO occasionally clean your awning as described in the care and maintenance section.


DO retract your motorized awning with the manual override feature if you lose power.


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